Lets appreciate what we have....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Sunday, February 14, 2010 9:04 AM
"Thoda hai…thode ki zaroorat hai…"

That’s a famous song from an old bollywood movie, which in english means “Have little…need a little more”.

How true, isn’t it?

Well, it’s human to have the drive to achieve more in life, and there is nothing wrong in it. To the point of wanting for more; in the pursuit to achieve new things, we quite often forget to appreciate the value of things we already have. Things whose real worth could be overwhelmingly gauged by people who don’t have it.

One such thing, which we have with us and invariably take it for granted, is our ability to see this beautiful world with our very own eyes.

This reminds me of my visit to the "Worli School for the Blind", Mumbai, about fifteen years back.

There were close to hundred visually challenged people of different ages there. I had never visited such a school in my life before. The short time spent there definitely left a deeply etched mark within my heart ever since.

It’s very well said that when God takes away something from a person, he blesses that person in abundance with something else to overcome the shortcomings. These people too seemed to be blessed by God with extra ordinary abilities to compensate for their disability.

It was amazing to see the way they came into the dining hall, on their own, without any help. They knew exactly how many steps and turns to take to reach the hall from their rooms located on the various floors.

During the initial few minutes as I watched them, I couldn’t help but wonder as to how they would perceive this world of ours.

Did they know how they looked like?

Did they know how this world looked like?

Did they know the difference between day and night?

Did they realize that there is a world beyond darkness?

Did they know what seeing really meant?

Usually, when people like us see fellow human beings with some disabilities, a feeling of sympathy grows within our heart for them. The same was the case with me initially.

Within a short span of time, I realized that they were happy in their own world, sharing extremely good rapport with each other, helping each other, cracking jokes, tapping their feet whenever some music was played. They didn’t seem to have any complaints with their lives. They seemed to be very happy and content.

The time that I spent there, changed my initial feeling of sympathy towards them into respect and admiration.

It was inspiring to see them smile and play with each other.

It was inspiring to see them run down the stairs at a pace faster than ours.

It was inspiring to see them enjoying their life even with their limitations.

The most inspiring thing was to see one of them dancing to a famous bollywood song. That really got me into deep thoughts and a lot of my own musings.

I just wondered whether the kid knew how ‘did it look’ when his hands and legs moved in sync with the music. I wondered whether he knew how he looked when he danced. That sight was really very touching, something which I can’t express in words.

Those wonderful kids taught me one of the biggest lessons of life in their own unique way, that, we should always appreciate and realize the value of everything that God has blessed us with. We always long for things that we don’t have, but forget to look at what we have. We really are blessed. Each one of us.

It’s quite obvious that in the pursuit to survive in this very competitive world, we may stumble, meet defeats, failures and life might seem to be harsh and unfair to us. This is all but natural.

In case you find yourself in a dire situation or you are disappointed about life in general. Try to visualize the kid who swung his arms and legs in sync with the music without even knowing how he looked like while dancing his heart out. It will definitely bring you to some realisation that your situation is not that bad. Face the world with all that you have rather then what you don't.

This for me was so inspiring since then, that the last decade, has brought me to live in terms with all my so called short comings.

The reality my friends, is that there are really no short comings; it’s our perceptions of what others expect us to be. We are, what we are abundantly blessed with and our very existance in this overwhelming universe is to do well with what we have and ask for just a little more....

No doubt every one of us who have heard the song “Thoda hai…thode ki zaroorat hai…” appreciate it so very much.

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