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Posted by Tandarin Nike Thursday, August 5, 2010 10:11 AM
How many people nowadays are truly, honestly happy, with their happiness shining through every moment of their lives, not only for themselves, but especially for others?

Nowadays, happiness seems to be measured by the amount of material possessions, the quality of marriage and professional life, and the well-being of the children. Of course these can be excellent sources of happiness. But the question remains: what exactly is the core of happiness truly about?

Perhaps someone who is truly happy is someone who is at peace with the contradictions he’s confronted with, within himself and the world. Everything that is, is at its heart as it should be and can only be accepted as being as it is.

Good, bad, light, dark, male, female, warm, cold, all these are aspects of a reality which, at its heart, is utterly incomprehensible; aspects which cannot be derived from each other, but which are inevitably and vitally entwined. Life is always what it Is and, much more often than not, not what we would like it to be.

That does not mean Man is a completely helpless victim of some all-pervading, predetermined fate. No, it means that each moment we are given the choice to accept the things we already have at that moment, or to keep grieving over how things might have been. Even if we are utterly poor outwardly and physically disabled, we are still alive, so each day we are still given the chance to rejoice the graceful creativity and immense abundance of Life, erupting out of each moment.

The things you have are what they are, and it’s up to you to find the fertile seeds of inner growth within them, no matter how dark they might appear to be. Yet, difficult as it may often be to reconcile us with whatever Life has to offer, reconciliation also means an acceptance of our imperfections.

Man falls and falls and falls, yet each time he has been given the chance to get up again and have another chance. Perhaps we should more often celebrate the chances we get after each mistake and stop complaining about the pain of our fall. Making mistakes, being imperfect is alright, because it is as it Is; our innate nature compels us to be flawed and make mistakes forever again because they are the vital ploughs going through the hardened, dark soil under our feet, so air and rain could penetrate its obscure depths.

Contemporary humanity tends to strive after perfection in an attempt to eliminate our flaws and failures, our sickness and suffering, yet this attempt leads to an artificial world full of newly created tensions in which modern man is haunted by his more natural, imperfect side. He often fails to see that flaws, inner pain and suffering are like life-giving rains on the parched plains of his soul; they only appear as arid winds because he rejected and never really acknowledged their existence in the first place.

Without these flaws creeping through the deep fissures within the fertile Earth, no seeds would be given the chance to germinate and grow into the beautiful flower hidden within its unknown essence. To a great extent, a soil is only as dark and dry as we allow it to be. Tasting the fearful mists of our innate struggles means cultivating a healing perspective in the long term, a perspective in which Man is not forced anymore to strive after perfection, but a perspective which teaches him he’s a vessel of human contradictions, necessary for his inner growth, his inner meaning and even his very survival.

Flaws are perhaps our deepest and most humbling resources to understand what Life is about; they might even be the good lord’s best attempt to pour Himself out of this jar, this soul each one of us was given.

Perhaps happiness entails becoming friends with one’s own flaws and the realization that one has merely just begun this journey of a thousand miles. Instead of being unhappy with the idea that he has not reached perfection yet, Man should rather start seeing his imperfection as a gift, because an imperfect soul is a flower impatiently waiting for the first spring sun so she can open herself up to the world and grow, and grow!

How wonderful would it be to be born in this world as a naturally imperfect human being amidst other imperfect human beings, rather than a “perfect” human being striving after even more perfection to compete with the rest of humanity, which always appears to consist of other, even more perfect human beings.

How could there ever be peace in such an artificial world?

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  1. shivani Says:

    Brilliant and very well said.Sometimes i feel like a cynic with the happenings around me.But the best approach as you say should be know that we are all imperfect and to accept it as a gift.
    And also allow others to grow and blossom instead of smothering people with your own concepts of perfection.
    For starters let us forget things ideal ideal wife and so on and so forth.
    Let us be and let others be.
    oops...maybe i am going tangent so i'll just stop and re-read your post once again.
    Thank you for propelling me towards good thoughts on a restless Saturday afternoon.:)

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    I like that. You are dot on. Keep visiting.

  3. Thought(s) of an old man Says:

    It all percolates down, what you have written, to the fact that happiness is the one thing that mind cannot acquire, just because it is already there and by constantly acquiring so many other states - desire, jealosy, expectations, greed, etc., - the already existing state gets replaced. That takes me to the fact that we all can choose to be happy under any circumstances just by rejecting all other states of mind.

  4. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Bhavaji!!!! Thats again very well said. Cheers!!

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