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Posted by Tandarin Nike Thursday, September 23, 2010 9:15 PM
Often times I've heard the argument that one must appear "neat" before visiting a place of worship (this could also include sitting down for prayer at home in front of a deity).

I have been - on many an occasion years ago- rapped on the knuckles for "neglecting" to, for example, take a head-bath before sitting down for prayer.

First of all, I do not particularly relish prayer/worship of any kind (i.e. at home or at the temple). I will not say I am an atheist. It is just that I do not think that there is a designated time and place for worship. The fundamental tenet of any religion is that a person should first be a good human being and his/her actions should not hurt those around him/her.

I do not have any illusions that regular prayer and worship will automatically absolve me of all my sins and wrongdoings. For all those words and deeds of mine that may have hurt others (I am pretty sure no human being is perfect in that sense and everyone, including me, must have hurt someone or the other albeit unintentionally), I repent regularly.

I also have a lot to be thankful for, and this is another of the reasons why people are urged to worship God - to express their gratitude for their daily bread etc. I do this in a different way. I respect the power that made the Universe (and by extension - Nature and Life).

In this light, I believe that cleanliness should not be limited just to the physical, in that it is not sufficient to be neat and prim and proper physically. One should be clean in terms of the mind and soul too during a prayer session.

Often times, it hurts me to see people carry the baggage of hate, scorn, derision and all the other vile emotions to their respective places of worship. At the same time, it is not uncommon to see instances of cheating and mistrust manifest themselves at these same places.

I wonder how this can be changed. I ask myself how it might be possible to tell those self-professed religious, God-fearing people that the show they put on is hollow, and without inner cleanliness, there can be no true Godliness.

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  1. shivani Says:

    Tandarin cent percent... i too believe that one has to be clean from inside. Trust me i have come across the meanest,vilest, self centered characters who can't appreciate others or value other people's feelings and sentiments...practice yoga and other stuff...Chant Om Namah Bhagwate Vasudevayya and i look at them and just wonder...
    i think these people really don't know that they are only cheating themselves.
    Respecting the Power is one way which i agree but respecting others is also another way.
    We have this Namaste which actually means, The Divine In Me Salutes The Divine In You.
    Head bath or any bath is irrelevant and in our traditions they are synbolic emphasising only the purity of the inner self i feel. Suddh Vichaar is what matters the most.
    You know what i was meaning to write a post myself on this...maybe i will inspired by you.
    Just one more beautiful thing i learnt here in Chennai.Unlike home where we were told to enter the Pooja room after bath a nice lady here in Chennai told me that a Sumangali(married and having a husband)if she wants can light the lamp in the morning if she feels like having the blessings of the Almighty even when she has not bathed...her status is such.
    i once again had mixed feelings about all this.Felt good about being blessed in that manner but my heart went out to those who are not.
    Beliefs and rituals...customs and traditions sometimes cripple and spoil the whole essence of the concept called Purity.
    Sry for getting carried away...i could go on and on but thanks for making me think on these lines.
    Very well dealt...what you had to say...i wish one would be thus...:)

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Wow!!! Thats better said than my post itself.
    Yes!!! I do second you on the sense of 'Purity' which is more on the state of our mind rather then the body itself.
    Cleanliness is Godliness as a phrase, should have done wonders in our country. The reality is otherwise as one sees all around us. Mumbai is a superb example of that. Less said the better.

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