Am happy for the wild dogs..

Posted by Tandarin Nike Saturday, November 13, 2010 8:48 AM
According to a new study, which I am quoting here, women are attracted to intelligent men for both long term relationships and for hook-ups.

The only time women are not attracted to intelligent men is when they have the option of a good looking guy who is dumber than pants on fish. Still, it's comforting to know that given the choice of two ugly guys, women usually prefer the one who is not a moron.

And obviously many women will still pick the guy who is both ugly and stupid if he has lots of money, good hair, is tall, or plays in a band.

I did my own study to reach that conclusion. It's titled "Duh.."

In my immense experience as an unattractive smart guy who was not always a dreamer, there are in fact women who have fetishes for smart men. Not many, but they exist.

My guess is that about 5% of the female public is in that group. That's probably good enough to keep the inventions flowing for a few more evolutionary steps.

The only risk to the future of humanity is that nerds will invent a technology that is better than sex with another human being.

I'll try to keep this next part rated PG-13, so please be patient with the indirectness. Can't help it.

I assume some entrepreneur is already working on creating a business where guys will be able to buy a lifelike female body part that plugs into a standard USB port, and can be controlled by someone else across the Internet.

That artificial body part could mimic a hand, mouth, or whatever. In the short run, the business model would involve paying someone, in countries where such things are legal, to control the device and appear on a web cam chat.

In the long run, artificial intelligence and computer generated imaging; women will be controlling the action, so the whole system would only cost Rs 100, with no recurring fees.

And, that will be the end of humanity because nerds will stop mating, their genes will die out, humanity will revert to the Bronze Age, and all the attractive, dumb people will be eaten by wild dogs.

I like to end on a positive note, so let's take a moment to be happy for the wild dogs.

2 Response to "Am happy for the wild dogs.."

  1. shivani Says:

    hahaha...enjoyed this one too shaking my head in unison. Anything is possible for all i know and with more and more couples busy now making money than babies it could happen just too soon than we can even imagine.:)

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    This is the open truth and evident with young couples these days. This post was on a lighter note seeing so much being done through technology. With specific interfaces already available, humans may find commitment to a family a thing of the past. One really cannot predict what may happen to humanity in say a decade, but it is quite scary if one goes a bit deep in predicting it. Now looking at the past two decades, it does look like I was one of the chosen one to be living at a time which saw rapid changes, both on the advance engineering/technology as well as deterioration of the human society in general. Many may not agree on this count but I am sure you are with me on this thought. Thanks Shivani for visiting and leaving your comment. It made my day.

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