Energy makes the difference....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Friday, April 30, 2010 12:21 AM
I have a hypothesis that people instinctively want to be led by whoever has the most energy.

Sometimes that energy manifests itself in fiery speeches, Hitler being a good example. Winston Churchill was famous for only needing 5-6 hours of sleep per day, and working his staff late into the night.

You often hear about how much energy American presidents have for jogging, chopping wood, or campaigning. In Russia, Putin likes to be photographed with his shirt off, wrestling with bears and what not. French Presidents have enough energy to run the country and satisfy mistresses without missing a beat. I'll bet you could take any two candidates for president anywhere in the world, ask registered voters which one seems to have the most energy, and the survey would predict the winner.

You might say that energy is only one of several necessary traits that a leader needs. Perhaps Churchill's lack of sleep had more to do with his work load than his energy level. Maybe the candidate who has the most energy can shake hands and kiss babies for more hours each day, and it's the campaigning that makes the difference. But I give you Laloo and many bat shit crazy leaders with an IQ of 90, scary hair, and nothing much else going for them but lots of insane energy. Energy attracts followers, even when it isn't backed up by anything else.

The same theory of energy is probably true for the popularity of celebrities. The other day I found myself in a discussion with friends about what makes Mallika U know who, so popular with some people, and so reviled by others. I think the difference has to do with your perception of how much energy she puts into her work.

If you think she's just a lucky rich girl, coasting through life with the help of handlers, you probably have a low opinion of her. If you think that being Mallika is probably a huge amount of work, and she's running her own show, and calling all the shots, you might have a high opinion of her. In other words, if you think she's a person with lots of energy, you like her more than if your impression is that she has low energy.

You've seen what happens when an energetic person enters a room. It raises everyone's energy level, and a boost of energy always feels good. Humans are imitators. When someone yawns, we yawn. When someone laughs, it puts us in a good mood. When someone is a downer, we feel down.

A leader probably does little more than convey a sense that he has a lot of energy himself, which boosts the energy levels of everyone who gets that message. We all like the feeling of energy, so we keep the leader in power so we'll see more of him.

We're all energy junkies, and our leaders are pushers.

How's that????

4 Response to "Energy makes the difference...."

  1. Ankush Naik Says:

    Your point is like hitting the hammer on the nail. This post has captured the hidden reason of why humans are so emotionally active. Very good post indeed. 3 cheers!

  2. shivani Says:

    Good post indeed! but just want to know more about the graphic posted in the left hand corner...curious me or is it the Dan Brownism getting the better of me thinking about signs and symbolism...hey and just one thing i have just learnt that even the rocks have auras and radiate energy...maybe u know that already but nevertheless.

  3. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Thanks Ankush and Shivani. The left hand corner graphics are reiki inspired energy symbols I got off the net. I thought it appropriate to link this to the subject on individual energy that inspires us all. No I am not much in Auras and radiating energies though I know for sure they exist and needs good length of study.

  4. shivani Says:

    @Tandarin thank you for that new(new for me)info on reiki inspired energy symbols...that too at a time when i want small at a time...too many will be difficult to retain.

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