Calculate the Meaning of Your Name through Numerology.....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Monday, June 21, 2010 11:36 PM
Here's how to calculate the meaning of your english name according to Numerology....

I ran across this exercise in the book Write Your Own Magic by Richard Webster. I can’t recall who the original author of this English Numerical system IS.

I’m recreating the following Table and Examples from my own notebooks.

This system was adapted from older written languages to work with the English alphabet. The process works like other Basic Numerology — individual letters and characters in a word are expressed as a number; the numbers are added together, then reduced to single digits 1 - 9.

There are two exceptions: you do NOT reduce double digits — 11 and 22.

In Numerology, 11 and 22 are considered to be Master Numbers.

                                   Numerical English Alphabet Table

Soul Urge and Expression - Two Levels of Meaning

Vowels : reveal the soul urge of a name

Consonants + Vowels : reveal the expression of a name

You calculate the Vowels and Consonants separately. The reduced number corresponding to the total of the Vowels –alone– is the soul urge; the soul urge added to the consonant reduction gives the full expression of the name.

Easier to grasp with examples:

Here’s the system applied to my name 'MANJUNATH'.

                  1        3      1             =  5
             M A N J U N A T H
              4      5 1     5      2 8      = 25
                                          Total = 30

    So thats 5 SOUL and 3 EXPRESSION ( 3+0=3)

Using the Table above, write the corresponding number for each vowel in your name on a line above the letters. Now, write the number for each consonant on a line below the letters.

Add the vowel numbers together in top line:

example: 1 + 3 + 1 (the vowels in my name A, U and A) = 5

Add the consonant numbers together in the bottom line:

example: 4 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 8 = (the M, N, J, N, T and H in my name) = 25

The Soul Urge of my name is the one digit vowel total — 5

To get the Expression of my name, I have to add the vowels and the consonants together, and reduce to one digit.

In this case, 5 (vowels) + 25 (consonants) = 30.

Reduce the 30 (3+0=3).

So, my name’s Expression — 3

Meanings of The Numbers

1 — independence/attainment

2 — tact, diplomacy, intuition

3 — creative self-expression, joys of life

4 — limitations/restrictions, system, order

5 — freedom/variety

6 — service to others, responsibility

7 — introspection, analysis, spirituality

8 — material freedom, power

9 — humanitarian, concern for others

11 - illumination and inspiration

22 - master builder, unlimited potential

According to this system and these interpretations, my name Manjunath, has a soul urge of 5 - freedom/variety; the expression of my name is 3 - creative self-expression, joys of life.

I thought the name meanings were very basic, but I spent hours one afternoon few days back calculating the soul urge and expression of the names of everyone and everything of significance in my life — I was actually surprised by how accurate, even if simplistic, the meanings were.

*Note: I calculated variations, such as my full name, by treating all three names as one. I also applied other meanings I already associate with the numbers, and with various meanings I found in online research — to add some nuance, or depth to the meaning layers.

What does YOUR Name mean?

Leave a comment below and share what you discover in the numerology of your name.

14 Response to "Calculate the Meaning of Your Name through Numerology....."

  1. shivani Says:

    Hey Tandarin that was one interesting and very involving post.According to my name when i reduce i get number 10 but your list does not give me my expressions because so far as soul is concerned it is 9+1=10(vowels)Consonants is 1+8+4+5=18.Total now being 37 can u help me out with my name Shivani?
    This will be something so interesting to share with family and friends.
    sry if i am being dumb but pls help me out on this...i want to know.
    Thanks...for this very unique post.:)

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Shivani, here's how you calculate your SOUL and your EXPRESSION..

    SOUL is 9+1=10, which in turn means 1+0= 1

    So the SOUL urge of your name is 1 and it means you have Independence and attainment in your name.

    Coming to EXPRESSION,

    Consonants is 1+8+4+5= 18

    Add 1 from SOUL to this figure to get, 1(vowel)+18(consonants) = 19

    Reduce 19 to (1 + 9) = 10

    and now reducing 10 gives you 1+0 = 1

    So your EXPRESSION is also 1 and also means you have Independence and attainment in your name.

    WOW!!!! That’s fabulous!!!

    Shivani, by SOUL & as well as EXPRESSION you are independent and have huge attainment/accomplishments in LIFE.

    That calls for a big celebration...

  3. shivani Says:

    Tandarin that's fantastic...and thanks a ton...yeah that calls for a celebration.WOW!!.
    i sure do feel so much better now...Thank you so much. :)
    And your name is no less.Freedom/variety and joys of life...that's gr8 so let the two of us celebrate...Three Cheers!!
    Now i know how to do this no posts for today as i thought instead calculating expressions for family and friends...yipee it's fun.:)

  4. Thought(s) of an old man Says:

    A few years back I was introduced to a numerology site. In fact the site offers complete life story for a fee. But in general introduction what access they give you was really wonderful. Though I usually do not believe in such things, I got fascinated by their compatibilty chart. The single digit number you get from your date of birth is similar to that you explained here. Compatibility factors are given with combination of your birth number with that of others. It was very close to truth regarding me and my other family members. Unfortunately I cannot recall the link. But then I think one can get it from google search using 'numerology' as catchword.

  5. Thought(s) of an old man Says:

    Soul = 8
    Expression = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3
    Soul + Expression = 8 + 3 = 11 (!)

    My birth no. also is special according that science. In that 20 and 11 which they mention as 20/2 and 11/2 are special and mine is 20/2 (!)....want any celebration? Come to India.

  6. Tandarin Nike Says:

    That calls for a celebration... Bhavaji. Will be there mid Sept. Hope to see you. Cheers!!!

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