May you have the courage.....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Tuesday, June 29, 2010 12:07 AM
The way people behave and act in this world is not as nearly as important as the underlying attitude through which it was possible in the first place to act and behave in such way, in that particular situation at that particular moment.

It remains necessary however to keep in mind that this attitude has a natural dynamism which requires growth to sustain itself in a healthy way. If an attitude needs correction and adaptation to a more natural state of mind, it’s up to us to positively answer this invitation.

However, this is not always the easiest thing to do. We appear to have the tendency to largely ignore the relativity of our attitude and logically regard it as an almost absolute, rigid moral power whose existence becomes so self-evident that instead of an attitude, actions are now used as the basis of judgment. Furthermore, it’s a judgment based upon the difference between right and wrong instead of sense and non-sense.

To facilitate radical change, attitudes need to change, not their resulting actions.

When only the actions are changed, nothing will essentially change. It will be more like a continuous replacing of mirrors to reflect different perspectives of a subject who remains essentially unchanged.

The key lies in not mistaking the mirror and the reflection it contains for the reality which is being reflected. Changing the mirror doesn’t change the reality it reflects.

However, change the attitude and motives and the resulting actions will inevitably adapt themselves. Something essentially different can grow now, because one becomes much better adapted, first inwardly, then outwardly, to one’s own innate humanity which always will be deeply entangled with the natural mystery of Life itself.

The subject himself changes so his old patterns will slowly begin to disappear and be transformed into what was once merely a distant dream beyond the horizon. When the subject changes himself, no replacement of mirrors will ever be able to capture the old patterns again.

Actions which are inherently forced to change by first changing the subject are genuine changes. These are the true changes which we individually seem to seek so immensely desperately and which have the power to change the world, starting from ourselves all the way through all layers of society up to all of Mankind.

Evolutionary changes and adaptation isn’t merely a physical phenomenon, but especially an individually psychological and spiritual one which then illuminates the collective.

Yet historical, social and cultural developments made us largely forget about the specific subject by keeping us extremely focused on the collective mirrors which reflect the image of whole societies. In fact, because contemporary society is based upon this distorted fixation on the material world and its shallow reflections, it needs us to live continuously in this state of outer strivings and collective delusions for its very survival.

The natural rhythms of human existence have become the arch-enemy for contemporary society; a society which even fears its own shadow because somewhere, deeply hidden, it knows about the fragility of its foundations.

Jung once said “nothing changes anything else without itself being changed”. If someone decides to stop focusing on this external world spinning out of control, but tries to cultivate his inner speck of light so he may roam the immensely dark and deep inner world of the soul he was given, he might find the true keys to change, made for the doors of his own imperfections.

The key to avert the pending world catastrophies of overpopulation, climate change, nuclear tensions, pollution, massive extinctions, and what not, doesn’t lie in political decisions but lies within the soul of each man, woman and child.

This task to change the world by changing individually, against the doctrine of contemporary society, is the huge responsibility each of us carries. One does not necessarily need to roam the planet in search of teachers, because the only true teacher who might help you is the one living deeply inside your Self. Changing the world is about befriending its natural inner imperfections, not running away towards a utopia of unnatural outer perfection.

Each one of us can only proceed on our own pace, in our own uniquely creative way.

A speck of light is enough to create a soft twilight needed to proceed in silence and solitude towards the roots of one’s being, an inner journey filled with suffering, continuous and painful confrontations, hardship and old wounds torn open again; yet it’s also an inner journey filled with such simple, yet amazingly beautiful moments that one would like to weep endlessly because words fail to show enough gratitude to have been a witness to those moments.

Those moments we’ve experienced our whole life, but up to that point we may have never truly felt the Beauty throbbing beneath its material veil.

It all boils down to positively answering the utterly frightening invitation coming from within to explore whatever lies beyond the control of one’s limiting ego.

May you have the courage to find the Will to proceed through all difficulties which you may find upon your way, not past them.

May you have the courage to tear down the huge and thick walls around your world and to trust Life that it will not be the end of you, but merely the beginning of a new you, a natural you, a genuine you.

May you have the courage to take away the fear to let the old you die, not by relying on the tight control mechanisms of your ego, but by trusting Life itself that everything will be alright in the end.

May you have the courage to grow an inner bridge towards the much greater darkness of the Unknown, while overcoming this pervasive fear through the realization that its factual darkness is not nearly as important as your attitude towards it. Change your attitude towards its existence and it will also change accordingly. Acceptance leads to a humbling allowance to pluck its healing fruits; rejection on the other hand leads to an ever more frantic flight from its twisted dangers.

May you have the courage to deeply change the way you look at the world and become an individually unique human being, less restricted by the movements of the herd.

May you have the courage to become a beacon for other people without clinging to its emitted light; to become a rock in the sea, deeply embedded in the good ol’ Earth without clinging to the sound of waves crashing onto its surface.

May you have the courage to become soft like water which always seeks the lowest places.

And finally may you have the courage to deeply change the world by deeply changing yourself.

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  1. shivani Says:

    Wow what an analysis...has to be read and re-read again and again.Of course i get ur point but in order to be as such what i mean is one has to be that change as you have rightly emphasised.
    i loved what you say about being a rock...rooted and unaffected by the crashing waves.
    Also of overcoming fear through self realisation.
    Have to retain what you just said in this blog of yrs.
    Thanks for showing the light.:)

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Thanks Shivani for your lovely comment. My posts are a bit difficult to comprehend straightaway but I am glad you follow them thoroughly. Keep reading!!!!!

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