Peace at last.....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Wednesday, October 20, 2010 11:40 PM
This relates to my stay in Europe two decades ago. That was a time when there was more peace on earth then what it is today. This probably could be because of a lesser populace or due to more spirituality existing those days than what it is today.

It began with the Islamic call to worship. A friend of a friend agreed to do the call after coming in from Europe the night before and knowing that he would head to Europe the next morning. It was followed by the choir’s rendition of the calm Kum Bah Yah. Then the entire audience joined them in John Lennon’s Imagine.

The experience continued with Buddhist chants by Tibetan monks, a Christian experience of contemplative prayer, Hindu chants, Vedic prayers, Native American music, and a Sufi remembrance. The audience sampled the many ways to connect with and deepen their experience of Spirit.

It was now time to practice being at peace. Across the street, in a public park, 450 people sat in silence for 30 minutes. They were practicing any of the ways just expressed by the spiritual leaders and teachers, or one of their own, but they were all, in that half an hour, deepening their awareness of Spirit’s presence.

Few years earlier, a friend of mine had read an article that said that they tried this in one of the battle zones of Lebanon in the 80’s and the bombs stopped dropping in the village where one percent of the population engaged in a daily practice of meditation. They did not hold the idea of peace or “intend” to manifest peace. They just connected with the Divine.

My friend took up the challenge and thought, “What if one percent of our community, 15,000 people, engaged in this practice?” In the research, it was noted that not only did the bombs stop falling in that village in Lebanon, but the incidents of violent crime and fatal accidents went down.

Science is exploring the idea that two particles that are separated are still affected by the same by an outside influence even when they are far apart. Sociology explains that communities have impact beyond their bounds. In the global economy, the impact of code written in Indonesia is felt around the world.

The message is clear across all disciplines: We are one.

When we think of brokering peace in the world, at best we think of delegations sitting in a room hashing out the complexities, at worst we think that it has to happen by the sword, or gun.

Do you ever think that your meditation practice could bring about an idea so profound and, so far, evading? Do you ever think that you can bring about peace by using the Law of Attraction: bringing peace by being peace?

When you practice meditation, sit with the intent of experiencing Spirit, do you feel at peace? Could it be that the peace that you experience, the peace that passes understanding, is felt by those around you when you walk out of your practice?

For about two and a half hours at my *'Kuladev' in Goa few weeks back, there were no egos, no treaties, no guns, just Spirit.

It was a profound experience of being Spirit. I can vouch I experienced peace.

*Kuladev and Kŭladaiwat, stands for "family deity, that is either a god or a goddess" within the Goud Saraswat Brahmins (GSB) sect. Kuladevtas play a very pious role for the GSB's.

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  1. shivani Says:

    Tandarin i really don't know if it's the same but i feel very calm and peaceful within myself when i am on my own among trees, birds and nature.
    Have tried meditating but thoughts flood me and worst i start seeing strange faces...of people i have never met and seen and then i give up.
    Maybe one day i might experience the same. Till then definitely i will keep trying.

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Of course, it's the same thing. If you find solace and tranquility in the midst of nature then enjoy it. It's the spirit I am talking about. Meditation requires you to relax completely. You will some day manage to free yourself from all startling thoughts and relax. Keep trying. You are bound to succeed.

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