A new beginning... part of my universe for 2010

Posted by Tandarin Nike Thursday, December 31, 2009 2:52 AM
There are moments when I feel like someone smacked me upside the head and put my priorities in order. This is one of those times.

Nothing major or catastrophic happened. It's just that I woke up today and began to think about a few things differently.

When I think about what stresses me out, it's usually the worry over stability: job, house, money, bills, and on and on and on.

And you know what? None of that should matter as much as we make it so. Yes, we all need to live and pay the bills. But if it all fell apart one day, what is the worst that would happen? It would be rough and there would be tears and then... I bet we'd pick ourselves up and move on.

If I had those things with me that should matter most, that I should worry most about losing, are my family, my friends, then I bet I could make it work in the end.

I try very much to put things in the proper order. I try to focus on what is important. Sometimes I think I am doing such a good job only to realize my energy is spent keeping all the material aspects of my world in perfect order.

From now on, that is just not going to do. For me, it's time to shove the material aside and put more time into an alternate form of currency, make sure that part of my universe is in working order.

For me, I hope to find internal peace and stability through that instead.

Wish you all the same in the coming new year 2010.

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