Thats my practical side...

Posted by Tandarin Nike Saturday, December 19, 2009 2:10 AM
I have been struggling with the practical side of perfection.

I have seen so many times having stuff that is too nice at that moment causes more grief than pleasure later on.

When we had two little kids, I concluded that it wasn’t worth getting so upset about all the things they broke or defaced. Sure, they had to learn to take care of things, but I didn’t have to go nuts trying to maintain possessions that are just too nice for kids. I just sighed and concluded that I wasn’t going to have anything nice for the next 20 odd years.

It has been more than 20 years now. I can have nearly any possession I want. During this time I have learned that there are very little additional value to having really fine stuff.

The real value in life is enjoying people and having a dedicated mission.

This philosophy affects my tastes in housing. While some folks around me obsess about imperfections in their finely finished woodwork, my house will be a little more rustic and perhaps a little less finished.

As a place to interact with life, my house will always be a work in progress, so forgive the imperfections please.

I will save obsessing and pursuit of perfection for my dedicated mission. More about it some day....

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