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Posted by Tandarin Nike Sunday, May 30, 2010 11:00 PM
Have you had a meal and not remember much of the meal till you realize the plate is empty?

Have you forgotten where you parked?

Have you wondered which road you took after driving there yourself ?

Most of us have.

Most of us were also doing at least one more thing when the above afflicted us. Multi-tasking.

Watching TV while the plate was being emptied, not enjoyed; rattling off on the cell phone while driving/parking.

The world around us is complicated. We invent new things to make our lives better but these new creations solve little but add a lot more. A lot more headache. More the headache, more distracted we get. The more distracted we are, the more inefficient and angry we become.

Distraction and frustration churn in a loop and spit out a concoction of anger and discontent. Low self esteem, exhaustion, irritability come in as the by-products.

Does life need to be so frantic and fast paced?

No, it does not. While we do not control our destiny, we do have a lot of control on what we do. What’s stopping us from embracing a slower paced life where we get to admire what surrounds us?

The morning dew on the flower; a cup of coffee with your spouse; the exhilarating walk in the morning/evening; a breakfast.

Why are we to forfeit that for an iPhone, Blackberry, Blog and Twitter?

More importantly, if we do, is it worth it ?

Life does not have to be complex, but slowing down is not easy either. It has to be an innate decision and a firm one at that. It is not hard. Can you walk with me for 5 minutes into a Zen garden? You will be surprised to see who in there can inspire you to simplify..

I promise, in the very least I will sow a few thoughts and put a smile on your face.
  • Stop Multi-tasking : Multi tasking only works for computers. Humans are not computers. If something can be put away, do so. It will unclutter your schedule for important tasks and will ensure you do justice to both the tasks, important now and what was put off, later. Do you need the TV on while having dinner/reading that newspaper? How about losing that iPod while studying? Can your email, facebook replies be done once a day? Is it important that you talk on your cell phone while driving?

  • Do not forget the present : Take time to live in the moment. Enjoy a meal and appreciate the textures and flavors; guess the ingredients; eat slowly; laugh at yourself; immerse yourself in a song; savor the lyrics; help someone in need when you see it; compliment someone; thank someone. Do it now.

  • Disconnect, the world will not end : Being connected is important, but does it have to be at the cost of your personal life and health? Enforce a personal quiet-time when you will leave the gizmos behind and let your mind rest. People lived pre-internet. Check your emails once a day. People know to call you if it is more important? Try not to bring home your office work; take a nap when you can; read a book; watch your children sleep; play and tumble with kids – you build a lot more creativity in them by these inter-action.

  • People over chatter : Many a times we are with people in body, but our mind is elsewhere. A cell phone or a TV shares the time that had to be theirs. That voice-mail can wait; the clip you missed on TV can be watched later, but the smile on your kid’s face is not being recorded and will be lost. Enjoy and appreciate your family; let them know you love them, you may think they may know, but it makes a world of a difference when they hear it from you….

  • Explore the World : The world is a wonderful place. Take time to appreciate it. If you think your computer program is complex, just look at nature. I’m not talking of just the scenic landscapes and the breathtaking mountains. I’m talking of delving a bit deeper, I’m talking of being inquisitive like a kid and appreciating the complex design at play in nature: The human body and it’s functioning with millions of cells; the fact that man has come so far from the stone ages; the systemic way our galaxies work; the symbiosis of sun and earth and how almost everything on Earth depends on it; How Earth is the only planet with life and how many aspects from oxygen, to gravity, to photosynthesis, has to work in tandem to achieve life on earth; the mechanics of man’s many inventions ranging from rockets to ships to telephone.

  • Get off the beaten path : Surprise yourself and take the plunge; a plunge into something new. Get outdoors and stay active; play a game. Take that trip you have been planning. Write the book that’s locked up in your head. Speak your mind, go write/comment on a blog. Say something that no one else dares to say. Do something others are afraid to do, step out into the rain; go camping. Live a little.

  • Be a Nay-sayer : You cannot please everyone. You should not even try. Be fair, but be sure to say no when something/someone is unreasonable. People who matter will understand; if they don’t, they will not matter. If you do not stand up for yourself, no one will.

  • Wear a Smile : Smile increases your face value. It disarms even the most tense of situations. Smile is contagious and leads to happiness. What do you have to lose? Give it a shot..

Life is a journey. It is a marathon. Pacing yourself will take you farther than if you approach it like it were a 100 meter dash.

Breathe, breathe, breathe. Literally. Sit down and take a few deep breaths. Try simplifying something and let your mind breathe too. Take a break and step out, let the warm sun kiss your skin, the wind blow your hair and the chaos of the city be a symphony.

If you slow down, the world will not fall apart. It will survive. But if you do not, you may fall apart.

Are you are looking for that inspiration I promised? Here it goes...

Remember the times when you smiled from your heart? When you laughed till it hurt? When friendships were uncomplicated? When you played to your heart’s content?

Remember being a kid?

Kids do all of the above and more: do not multi-task; live in the moment; unplug and unwind; take a nap; sincerely love people; explore the world; be inquisitive; try new things; go out and play; say ‘NO’ (oh yeah!); smile, smile and smile…

Let us know how you feel and if you have any suggestions of your own .

Remember, speak your mind!

4 Response to "Speak your mind...."

  1. shivani Says:

    Tandarin i wish you could publish this for everybody...i am totally with you in all this and i wish now to run away to some remote corner and stay in a hut where technologyless i will be so much better...but then again some things are easier said than done...some of us like this friend whom i cerify as a tweet addict and Fb addict...for whom these mean more than her own child...some of us are so addicted that now it looks impossible if they can even survive without their I phones or Blackberries...while i keep getting irritated at all these unneccessary intrusions.And i wonder in that hut how many days can i want to be without TV,Music system ...without all the kitchen tech stuff...i can't even grind masala in a sil batta now...but what u say is absolutely correct.U sound so much like my Dad when he said...keep tech to a minimum level not to upset the natural balance.
    Great post...loved every thought...every word...and thanks for that funny and lovely poem on Reunions.:)OH thanks for letting me know about ur techie blogger son.:)And i seriously wish this friend of mine can read ur blog which i doubt cause she doesn't find mine worth her while.So i let it be...:(

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Thanks Shivani for your lovely comment.
    Yes!! It's easier said then done especially for younger folks who are raised with too much technology around them. I too am a techie, but have successfully managed to refrain from becoming an addict. Taking time to live in the moment is my mantra and my post is just to advice people to do the same.

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