All of us are stars.... shine urselves to glory

Posted by Tandarin Nike Friday, January 15, 2010 12:44 AM
Astrology has always been very intriguing.

It is so compelling in effect, that when you visit an astrologer to have your future read, you actually create the future that the astrologer predicts. Mostly all the negative instances that guide your life.

I have been to astrologers before, some of their predictions have come true and some are yet to come true. I have challenged a few and won a few challenges too. The astrologer has never taken it kindly though..hehe..

I am not the one who would miss out on this experience, but… excuse me please....anyone listening??

The experience of visiting an astrologer is powerful. After the visit, all the predictions occupy a certain ‘mindset’ and after a few predictions come true the ‘mindset’ grows.

Stars reveal, ‘You will meet with an accident during so and so time. Be careful’. Oh yeah! I have been careless till now and hence I have not had an accident and I have to be careful now so that I could prepare for an accident. If it’s truly destiny, how could being careful ever change it?

Silly, that’s why it is called an ‘ACCIDENT’ in the first place!

‘You are likely to go through a patch of bad health when you are between 33 and 36 years of age, be careful’. What does this mean? If I am careful, wouldn’t I go through the bad phase or if I know about it now, would it make any difference.

‘When will I get married?’ The astrologer says, ‘Now your time is not right for marriage. You will get married in your 30th year. Please perform certain religious activities, wear the diamond/coral/pearl/emerald on your body to ensure that you get good luck’. In the first place the person visited the astrologer just  because he is not getting married; now he is told that the time is not right. Wow!!! thats a clinka..

If I am anyway going to get married only in my 30th year, would buying these things mean that I would get married any earlier? If this is destiny, how will it change? And if I do get good luck will I go back to the astrologer? What Bad luck!!

‘When will I get a job?’ The response is ‘certain planets are transiting, certain planets are in exaltation, according to the stars and planetary position based on your horoscope you will not find a job for the next six months. The period is not favorable for a new job. You must visit this temple on every Tuesday and Thursday’. Great news, as such I have not been able to find jobs, now I will even give up trying for the next  six months and focus on going to the temple at a designated time on a prescribed day.

Well, if only I had displayed the same passion and discipline in my job search or in my job.

The list goes on and on… when will I be rich, when will I win over my enemies, what kind of education should I stick to, what kind of spouse will I get etc

The answers are in fact very simple, you will get married when you want to, you will meet with an accident and it is out of your control, dumbo that’s why it is called an accident. You will find a job when you try harder, you will be rich if you work hard and you will be educated in the line that you have an aptitude for and you always get what you deserve!

In reality, most of us, if not all, would like to know what the future has in store for us. The moment we hear good things we become instantly energized and when we hear the bad things we are perpetually worried.
I am not ridiculing astrology and am not against religious activities. I respect all this.

Just to say that in the equation of life, past is a constant, you and your mind is the variable while the future is what you need to create. Look at the equation, you can’t do a shit about the past, the future is what you want and the only variable in your control is your mind. So, the best way to predict the future is to create it!

Go to an astrologer if you must, but remember when you are there for the experience you say ‘Jahanpanah! Tussi great ho! Tohfah kabool keejiye!’

If you have watched 3 idiots you’d know what I mean. (If you haven’t watched it yet, go right now, I predict that you will have spent 3 good hours of your life’).

The good bold statement here is.......‘Control your destiny or someone else will’ and remember, what we see depends mainly on what we look for!

We all are Stars! Shine on..... and on.

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