Spectacle of natural magnificence....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Tuesday, January 12, 2010 8:52 AM
When I was all of 15-16, I was part of a gang comprising of Venu, Walke and me, the gang of 3 also known as the gang of bunkers, since we were champs of class bunking. Our school ground was encircled by a semi-high compound wall and gradually after first few failed attempts to jump-over, became a subject of our effortless crossovers. Crossover’s they were since the moment we landed on the outside world, the air seemed to abruptly carry a strange fragrance of liberation. And the liberated moments were spent sneaking furtively into the Cinema theatre, which to our luck always showed an English movie for the afternoon show.

And when we were not watching English Adult movies, we could be found chatting; about astrophysics in the most literal form. We had carved our very own existence through the realms of physics and many equations which provided rationale to our notions of existentialism. I remember we used to have heated discussions about how the universe was created. We discussed about big-bang and what would have happened and how it would have felt if we were to become spectators to the greatest spectacle of natural magnificence.

To tell you the truth, we were totally awestruck by the sheer dimensions of the dimensionless universe. It was also the first instance when we voyaged on a journey far removed from the materialistic terrains of the world that surrounded us, until the very minutes of self-realization and into a world of mysticism and spirituality.

We discussed about how the world wrestled over small territories and possessions over wealth and status, when the real world was before us, that we figured, when we lounged on the terrace of my house, facing the infinite but clear blue sky.

Coming back to astrophysics, I remember information which cropped up during our conversation that there were billion-billion galaxies in the universe, which had over a billion-billion stars, which might have at least a dozen planets like earth, which would have life in it. I remember us discussing about how the distant life would be, and what Mother Nature would have created, in her canvas of artistic endeavor. We were of the opinion that if the distant planet was as old as our planet, the process of evolution might have created a species which might be as intelligent as we were, or even more.

We discussed Einstein’s Theory of relativity and laws of quantum physics. I remember discussing about the strange phenomenon of the BLACK HOLE, and how a black hole could suck everything that came near to it, not even sparing light or space. We couldn’t even perceive how a black hole could suck space into it, and then the notions of space-time were shattered by this Einstein fellow.

Can anyone imagine the Universe to have materialized out of a single point of concentration? What was universe like back then, when atoms were not created and how big an explosion it would have been, that it continues to explode at an ever increasing rate, starting from billions of years; The BIG BANG THEORY. How nano seconds after the big-bang, the first protons and neutrons were created into a nucleus, and out of some strange mysterious process, electrons started revolving around it to form the first atoms. How from a simple Hydrogen atom, complex atoms of metals were created and how we came into being after several billions of years to evolve into a thinking mind and body.

I really don’t know if we were absurd or normal (or paranormal), but this is what we grew up on. Though I haven’t heard from both of them since some time, my buddies are all at good places. Walke did his MSc from Bombay University and went on for higher studies to US. Venu is an Information Technology specialist and is a consultant on many cyber issues relating to security. And me, The Zillionbig is blogging before your very own eyes and enjoying it too.

As I sit to write this, I can almost feel the purring sensation of the passage of thoughts in my head. I wonder how good it would be, if I were to make a note of each and every thought that passed my mind. In other words, not a single thought crosses me unregistered and I scrutinize the worth of every single one of them. An impracticable notion, isn’t it? As they say, it’s the thoughts that maketh the Man, I wonder if it’s that small number of thoughts that I discerned, that made ME.

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