So shall it be......

Posted by Tandarin Nike Monday, January 4, 2010 2:26 AM
You know what? I've been writting this little blog for some time now and I'm content with the readers I have mostly being my friends and family.

That's been definitely great as many of the important people in my life know I fancy myself as a writer and attempt a coherent rambling on this blog.

Today, I decided I've had enough. By chance I stumbled upon a hateful blog, a gathering of rather vitriolic swill - and I became a bit hot under the collar.

Tempermental and passionate I am to a fault; yet, I try to keep my emotions at bay, try to be diplomatic, respectful and, mostly, I do a juicy good job. But tonight fired me up and there's no going back from that!

I'm mad - mad that these folks spew half-truths and judgmental drither (in a poorly-written fashion, mind you) and get thousands of hits a day.

I don't so much mind their opinions. They have a right to believe what they like, just as I do. I may not agree, but unlike the few passages I read on their site, I won't automatically accuse opposite thinkers of being evil and potentially burning eternally in...well, there goes the anger again.

No, I'll just sit quietly here and wonder how many people read their little ramblings and hope that rational common sense prevails.

I will try to overcome the rise they've gotten out of me. I'll shake my head and mumble under my breath and shut the site down while I vow never, EVER, to stumble upon it again.

And as I do all that, I've decided that I'll take one more proactive step: an e-mail forward to my address book contacts, a graceful request to check out my modest blog, while asking each of them to pass my blog site on to three of their friends, with the same humble request, etcetera.

Who knows? I could get some hits too. The best way to fight a perceived negative is not with a blow as low, but with an elevated positive. This is my idea, my notion of good karma, my vision for the way the world could work.

Let's see, shall we?

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