The new age terms....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Saturday, January 16, 2010 7:39 AM
Here's a list of the 'Old politically incorrect terms' to the 'New politically correct terms'....

Barber –> Hairdresser

Tailor –> Fashion Designer

Grocer–> Food Retailer

Pickpocket–> Economic Offender

Snake Oil Salesman–> Research Proposal Writer

Bonded Slave—> PhD student

Incorrigible Gossip –> Blogger

Mujra –> Item Number

Indifference–> Spirit of [insert Indian city name]

Copying–> Internalizing

Terrorist –> Misguided youth

Wife/Husband–> Partner

Partner –> Business Associate

Sleeping Partner –> Financier

Casting couch –> Talent show

Pakistan –> Front Line ally in the war on terror

Leching –> Aggressively Appreciating

Fat –> Healthy

Criminal–> Politician

Scary looking woman –> Woman of high moral character

Ugly looking man –> Bachelor of Engineering

Code coolie–> Software Engineer

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