What a life....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Monday, January 18, 2010 1:00 AM
It really stinks when you have to work harder than you would like and it robs you of your fun time. I can't exactly complain because my job is flexible and mostly cake, but still, I like to blog, read, watch movies, and while off on the internet better than I like to work even at a flexible, cake job.

But, enough of that. Two month ago, this week, on the eve of a cricket match finals, I decided to start a blog. The next day, before the Friday night activities, I wrote my very first blog post. I hoped this exercise would get me writing more, hopefully push me into a motivated, disciplined state. I had big, fantastical dreams of getting that memoir finished or being discovered, plucked from obscurity and handed a super-duper contract for my unique, insighful ideas.

Okay, not really. But I did hope to better my written skills and become a more consistent writer. I think it probably has happened, to an extent. I find myself more expressive, more often. I no longer have fear of others reading my work. My writing has become more streamlined, my words chosen carefully to be succinct.

Mostly, this blog provides a real opportunity to connect with other people. I've had some random comments from strangers, which shows folks stumbled upon my words and read them all the way through. That is kind of scary and neat all at the same time.

So, hopefully this new year will bring even more fun. And hopefully, the cricket match between India and Bangladesh being played now will be just as exciting as the one I saw while starting my blog.

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