Forgive and forget....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Sunday, March 7, 2010 8:30 PM
Having learned about the Law of Attraction growing up, I knew that my thoughts created my life. As a result, I spent a good bit of time beating myself over the head for choosing wrong, or thinking wrong.

Thankfully, I also learned about the Law of Attraction as part of growing up, not a philosophy for living unto itself. However, I never really got it until I heard those lyrics from Jagjit Singh's album, 'Hey Gobind Hey Gopal'.

See, try as we might to manipulate our world, first by external force, now through the influence of our thoughts, we may still make mistakes.

You may turn right when every fiber of your being told you to turn left. You can spend a good bit of time sitting at crossroads, beating yourself over the head saying that you should have turned right back there.

What you miss is the opportunity to choose again, the opportunity to go a different way.

Forgiveness allows you to take from the mistake what you need and leave the rest.

It allows you to move past the “mistake” and into a state of grace. From that state you can experience love and wholeness. Better than that, it allows you to move into action.

Whatever choices you made that brought you to this place in your life, take responsibility for them.

Taking responsibility means that you acknowledge that you made the choice. Let go of it then.

That time is past, there is nothing that you can do about it now.

What you can do now is choose in this moment. Every time you choose, make it with all the courage that you can muster based on everything you know in that moment.

Know that was what you did in the past.

Put down the stick. You can forgive yourself.

4 Response to "Forgive and forget...."

  1. shivani Says:

    Ah!i am at solace...was dealing with regrets too but as you said forgiveness allows you to take what u most need and let's one move on.Really good Tandarin won't say anything less than ...i absorbed this.

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Thank you Shivani. There is a simple clarity in this wisdom. For me, forgiveness is the elixir to good health both in mind and spirit.

  3. Pablo (yo) Says:

    Great blog!!!!
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    Pablo from Argentina

  4. Thought(s) of an old man Says:

    Yes forgive and forget; that gives you liverage to move on .... But then is not a mistake measured on a scale of given values? If I understand this fact, lo! I never comit or see a mistake in others.... the question of forgiving does not arise at all!!

    Yor writings always give good food for thought. Ple. keep posting.

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