Theory turning on its face...

Posted by Tandarin Nike Saturday, March 6, 2010 8:36 AM
It’s interesting how people take my views rather too seriously… and if I were not wiser by the virtue of my follies, I’d probably do the same.

Well, here I was gloating like an egg that had found its bull’s eye.

Nestling cheerfully in the yolky satisfaction of my even if I do say so myself, well-expounded “white trouser” theory.

Until of course, I got pronged, rather rudely I might add, by a few bustling women.

‘I wear white trousers, don’t you know’?

As if by the very fact that they did, they completely turned the fact that they were, in fact, exactly the kind of women I was talking about, on its head.

Well… I was jolted, I must admit, by the fury of these hustling bustling women but it does incite me to cast further light on this much-argued about theory of mine.

Let me first bung in a disclaimer. Like all theories worth their yolk, “The White Trouser Theory” does the usual thing i.e. rustle up a conclusion first and then build a complicated routine around it.

In the face of counter-arguments, cold logic and even hard evidence, the WTT like all theories will simply build natty little corollaries which will, to all intents and purposes, render the theory gloriously impotent, but will not let it relinquish the sensational glory that surrounded its introduction.

And now to business ... Oh yes! I agree, there’s nothing elaborate about white trousers anymore in present times.

White trousers have lost their elitist halo, and now every woman worth her waistline has a pair to boot.

While this does take away from the trifling detail of relevance from my theory, it does go rather a long way in proving its original premise.

After all, where does a woman get her hankering for a new couch, an antique for the hallway, and oh before I forget.. a new piece of apparel such as .. hmm.. Let’s see now.. a white trouser from?

From the happy coincidence of seeing it owned by, with or on another woman, of course!

And who are these women next door craving to be like? The quintessential “white trouser” woman, thus spreading the elitism thinner and thinner..

Until of course the next “white trouser” comes along .. Ridiculously hard to get ... prohibitively expensive..

Thoroughly impractical.. and positively leaking style at its seams. And the entire cycle starts over.

And all this while, us enlightened species watch for these tell-tale signs.. and stay well clear of these moody women.

Beer, anyone?

2 Response to "Theory turning on its face..."

  1. shivani Says:

    Hahaaahaa!Oh boy!what a warped sense of humour.i'll tell u what others i loved in ur post.a)yolky satisfaction
    b)rustle up a conclusion......complicated routine about it.
    c)prohibitively expensive
    actually the list will be long so put it briefly- u sure do have a way with words.

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Shivani., Good taste can be mistaken for elitism.....hmm..does it matter? Warped sense of humour... u will see more of that in my upcoming posts... hehehehehe.
    Thanks a lot to have noticed it.

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