have to keep my cool......

Posted by Tandarin Nike Friday, March 12, 2010 1:44 AM
Things that absolutely frustrate me and make me want to rip my hair out; not that I have much left…
  • Not having enough work to occupy the entire day
  • Moments when I feel incapable of any thought, not because I am exhausted, but because there simply isn’t anything I am thinking about. Absolute BLANK!
  • People not taking ownership of their tasks
  • Being dependent on others for info and them stalling despite being aware of the discomfort it’s causing me
  • Lack of respect for other’s time
  • Asking for help without having explored the options thereby undermining one’s own intellect
I have been guilty of some of the above. Other points, I have gathered from others’ behaviour.

But does it help to make a list such as the one above? That’s like asking whether contemplation helps.

Of course it helps…

At least I know now what bothers me and what factors I should keep in mind when making a decision even in my day-to-day life.

Identifying the cause of frustration definitely goes a long way in relieving the anxiety.

And it makes me more tolerant towards myself and more importantly towards others…....

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  1. shivani Says:

    you are fortunate that u r able to figure out ur frustrations and anxiety sometimes i am unable to put a finger to it.That can be real bugging u know.There may be so many or nothing at all...if u understand what i mean.Thanx for sharing yours though.

  2. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Thanks Shivani. I just manage to get on with my frustration keeping in mind that my team too suffers many times due to me. Time bound projects bring too much stress and one has to learn to cope. You too will manage well in course of time. All the best!!

  3. Ankush Naik Says:

    Good post. I need someone to help me figure out what's holding me back now :D

    P.S. Nice blog picture.

  4. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Thanks Ankush. Nothing holds you young man. Just go out there and beat it.... hehe
    All the best.

  5. Thought(s) of an old man Says:

    Sincerity cannot be taught. It takes loads of courage to reveal one's own shortcomings in a public place like this. Kudos

    And at least on two counts my frustrations are similar to yours

    Good post

  6. Raquel Veloso Says:

    Meu caro amigo, ler suas palavras sempre sábias, tem sido uma fonte constante de inspiração. Continue iluminando sempre a todos.

  7. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Thanks!!! Bhavaji and Raquel. All of us have times of frustration. For me, during last few years though there have been extreme moments, I have learnt to manage and remain in control. Revealing my frustration to my close friends has also helped.

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