Lets not lose our way.....

Posted by Tandarin Nike Thursday, March 4, 2010 12:10 PM

Why do we live between light and darkness? We exist only in twilight, where shadows follow our every step, withdrawing and hiding when the sun is high, but returning to haunt us in the dark hours of night. A cruel dance, repeating itself each and every day, from the beginning of humankind.

But, how can we escape these circumstances?

Don’t we choose our own way, going for one side or the other?

I asked myself that question for a long time, but I was clinging to a wrong concept. I considered light and darkness as separate entities. Both of them are actually connected, the light creating the darkness, which in turn absorbs it, generating an eternal flow of creative energy.

These are not opposing forces, because, darkness doesn’t have a body of it’s own through which it could oppose the light. It is just a hollow reflection, an echo. It is where the light extinguishes itself to renew its potential of creation.

Everything we see in this reality has its shadow. To see, we need light. It is a fact of life. Perhaps we should discard the idea that we can live in a perfect world of pure light, that we can ignore the shadows projecting around us. They are an essential part of the light; without them, there would be no contrast, no manifestation.

When I reach towards light, I respect the darkness created through that act. The shadow doesn’t have an existence or justification of its own, but it is a necessary part of balance. The sewage systems complement the abundance of the rain, thus preventing us from being flooded.

I won’t struggle against this fact. Instead I’ll just live on this imperfect world as it is. All events are following their natural course, and there is nothing to fear. This place is our paradise, after all.

I’ve stopped running from my own shadow. I got tired of having it stepping on my heels every time I tried to escape. No matter how fast I ran, I couldn’t separate myself a single inch from it.

But now, I’m ready to accept it fully. I look at the light, and feel the darkness. In twilight, I manifest perfectly. My existence is human and imperfect, just as it should be.

But even so, I won’t lose my way.

The light will guide me for sure.....


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