Petty Pleasures......

Posted by Tandarin Nike Saturday, March 27, 2010 2:36 AM
The gurgle of a crystal-clear brook ... the aroma of earth moistened by the first rains ... finding a restaurant at 4am when you're ravenous followed by the sizzle of your favourite snack as its being brought to your table ... finding a car pulling out of the best parking spot just as you arrive ... waking up to your alarm to realise that its your day off ... sniffing gasoline .. errr ...

Before the reader (the 3 / 4 that frequent my page) gets the impression that this is one of those ridiculous "things I would give my l'il toe for" .. lemme make clear its only about self-discovery .. no .. not the kind where you 'discover' your fly's open before everyone else does ... but about the l'il pleasures of life.

Considering most of the ones above exist mainly in fantasy, one has to find alternatives ... those that aren't as reluctant to make themselves available.

Like maybe catching a glimpse of tarmac on a muddy road (am sure its possible in a rainy/wet situation ... I think) ... being asked to rush to board the flight at check-in (ok, so you maybe end up in the flight scheduled for the day before that's been delayed so what ?)... hearing the captain announce that "we'll be landing 20 mins ahead of schedule" (even if it probably means "we lost an engine and are going plunk! in the arabian ")...

The more perceptive of readers might've noticed two things: the preponderance of air-travel in the above list and that the ones listed in para # 3 are less likely than in # 1. But having spent an average of 6 hours in transit on what's listed as a 1 hour 20 min gig, hearing the captain announce that we had been asked to "slow down (yes, in mid-air) by ATC on account of traffic at the airport "and that we were" 7th in the queue to land ", its only natural.

Personally I'd use the PA system on-board for more fun announcements like "Would any passenger who might've dowloaded the pdf manual for an Airbus A320 contact the steward?" or "We're losing cabin-pressure ... no reason to panic ... but I would advise all passengers to expend excess gas to restore the same"

For now, I think i'll find a way to derive pleasure out of counting the rubber slats on the conveyor belt as it snakes its way past ...

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  1. Thought(s) of an old man Says:

    ...and, these are a few of my favorite things....

    Well, of all those favorite things, I miss the most at this age is gulping down a bottle of beer after a late half day work on a Saturday in Delhi summer in late sixties with my colleague and good friend.... And to get that beer, those days we had to go to a liquor shop situated far away (no bars in Delhi please!...only limited retail outlets!!) in that 3 pm summer sun!

  2. shivani Says:

    hey Tandarin loved the post as well as the new layout.Since i'm not as much a frequent flier as you and more of a train person i however find pleasure in admiring the young smartly done up faces of the staff on board and more of the imli toffee that they serve just when the flight takes off...maybe now i'll look out and care for the other pleasures as you say...:)

  3. Ankush Naik Says:

    Brilliant thoughts, equally well adapted in a post. Well done, par Excellence.

  4. Tandarin Nike Says:

    Thanks Bhavaji, Shivani and Ankush for your comments. We all have our own petty pleasures, we have to just dwell in our thought processes and re-live them..... Like I do at times.

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